Apple: the Total Brand Experience

Tech companies tend to dominate the marketing platform, but there’s one brand in particular that continues to exceed expectations. In fact, you can’t seem to leave the house without seeing hundreds of Apple products — whether on display in a storefront or in the hands of consumers. But what makes Apple so sought after? Not only are they a major “it” company in the tech industry, but when you buy Apple, you’re buying a total experience. Let’s take a deeper look into their marketing efforts to discover how they’ve turned their products into an essential part of our zeitgeist.

Simplicity is Key

iPad, iPhone, and iPhone 5c standing in line

Apple’s signature simplistic brand is recognized worldwide. Whether phones, watches, or computers, the products themselves are kept minimalist and focus on the same neutral color schemes across the board (with the exception of the iPhone 5c – specifically created to target younger users with vibrant colors). Following a sleek, uncluttered design allows Apple to show off the technology, while a maintaining a modern look. But it doesn’t stop there. Apple’s simplicity spans across all platforms, from the copy on their website to the product photos and packaging. Everything, down to the box, is a conscious representation of what you’re getting when you unwrap your new device.

Communicate in the Audience’s Language

Macbook laptop half open on a white table

Apple understands how easily consumers become overwhelmed when shopping for electronics. Unlike other tech companies, they use this to their advantage by creating and avidly marketing easy-to-use features in each product. Even their advertisements use simple sentences that constantly stress how the device can both benefit and entertain customers. Apple successfully hides the technical terms behind the thrilling features that their customers are truly after.

Become the Brand Name of the Product

Just like you buy Kleenexes as opposed to tissues, consumers buy iPhones as opposed to smart phones. In other words, Apple doesn’t just own the product, they own the whole market. While they’re not always the first to develop the newest technology, once they arrive, Apple ensures they’re the only ones who matter. They understand that it’s not the marketing angle itself that’s important, but how people identify with that angle. At each new product release they take care to explain why every other product on the market fails in comparison to what they’ve created — and it works.

Mystery Drives Curiosity

Apple presentation

To build intrigue, each new Apple creation remains a secret until their official release. Keeping the technology under wraps allows Apple to host an annual keynote that reveals a generation of new technology on their own terms. Whether it’s a relatively simple iPhone update or completely new product, Apple turns their announcements into anticipated events. This prompts curiosity and builds hype around their latest creation, instantly driving sales through the roof when the product hits the market.

Customer Experience is Key

Machbook laptop, iPad, and iPhone on a table

As soon as you step foot in an Apple store, you receive premier customer service right off the bat. Dozens of tech savvy Apple Geniuses on duty guide visitors through questions and device issues as efficiently as possible. However, the Apple experience goes beyond the store itself. Every step along the purchasing journey becomes part of the process. Even unboxing the new electronic feels undeniably on-brand. In fact, hundreds of YouTube videos demonstrate fans’ excitement as they remove a clean, white lid to reveal a new phone embedded perfectly in its box. Simple packaging that mimics Apple’s brand aesthetic frames the phone to ensure all attention lands only on the product itself.

Through clean and consistent marketing that transfers across their ads, stores, events, and packaging, Apple has secured its spot as the “it” tech company. And they don’t miss a beat when it comes to promoting their products either — the brand makes for an excellent case study in genius marketing. Use the tech giant as inspiration to ensure your company’s own branding remains modern yet consistent.

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