Our creative team digs deep to reach beyond the generic, cookie-cutter designs. In an increasingly competitive market, your company needs to stand out among the others, and that’s where our creative forces come in. Whether it be nailing down the perfect logo or the overall branding of your company, TMI taps into who you really are holistically to paint the perfect picture of your company. 

Logo & Identity

Your logo says a lot about your company, and can set your identity apart from your competition. With your logo in our design team’s hands, we’ll conceptualize your brand identity by bringing fresh, new ideas to the table. By having a logo that matches your company’s identity, customers will know exactly who you are and what to expect. 

Graphic Design

With digital marketing taking over the marketing world, standout graphic design is a must. Our  graphic design services help bring a brand to life. We encompass everything from print to mobile, using a combination of technique, creativity, and vision to stand out amongst our competitors. Our designs effectively showcase your brand, while turning heads in the process. 


With human attention spans getting smaller and smaller, the visualization of a video captures the consumers’ attention. So tell your story’s brand with compelling video content. With this medium, the creative possibilities are endless. You can use various pictures, videos, animations, music, and more to your video, and TMI can help you plan it all. We’ll help you create the script, storyboard, and coordinate your project timeline. TMI will help bring your vision to life. 


People remember the things you say, and know the importance of a strong tagline that makes a lasting impression. From billboards to blogs - build a brand with strong and engaging content, and your audience will come to regard you as a thought leader in your industry. With a team of creative wordsmiths at your service, TMI can help ensure that what you say truly matters. We want your copy to inspire the people with purchasing power, and ultimately better your business. 


Branding is the piece of the puzzle that pulls everything about your company’s identity together. From your logo, to company colors and culture, to overall mission of your company, cohesive branding acts as the umbrella of the company as a whole. Whether online or on paper, Tailored Marketing will make sure your company’s brand has the right message to attract the right audience for your company.

What goes into a company’s brand: Digital and Printed branding, Logo, Company identity, Company Mission, Values, and Culture, Graphic Design, & Collateral Materials