The key to any successful marketing campaign is the strategy behind it. TMI specializes in building that strategic plan by pinpointing the exact results you’re aiming for, and implementing the best tactics to achieve those results. As your strategy evolves, our flexible team is ready to adapt to the marketing approach that best suits your company. Consistently monitoring your progress toward your ultimate goal allows our team to make changes to what’s not working, replacing it with some that will. 

Media Planning / Buying

Media planning and buying is unique for each company, and we get that. Our team works with each client to create a media plan that integrates both digital and traditional solutions. By pinpointing the best mix of channels for your specific needs, our TMI team can execute the best plan to reach the right audience with the right message.

Marketing Plans

Our in-house strategists thrive under the pressure of creating a comprehensive marketing plan. With so many moving pieces involved in a holistic campaign, we understand the importance of a working spreadsheet that holds everyone accountable. We’re firm believers in the idea that organization is the key to your marketing success. With our plan in place, you’re sure to hit your KPIs at every step of the way.

Marketing Audit

Sometimes, you simply need a breakdown of everything marketing related for your company. Sound intimidating? Let Tailored Marketing handle it for you! Our comprehensive marketing audit analyzes all aspects of your marketing and sales team process. This in turn, helps you identify potential areas for improvement, and suggestions to get you there. The best part? You get to choose which projects you want to tackle, but you’ll always have the marketing audit to look back on for future projects!

What’s included in the audit: Branding, SEO, Website, Social Media, Offline materials, Sales Process, Overview of your company’s marketing needs

Public Relations

Nothing helps a company like word of mouth advertising, and with the help of our team, your customers will have nothing but positive things to say! Through memorable events, community outreach and management, press releases, and more, our team has your company fully covered. 


Strong research is the base for a smart and successful marketing campaign. So no matter what service you would like from us, everything begins with industry research, that way we know how to approach your company’s marketing plan. From groundbreaking insights to  analytics of past campaigns, research is a huge part of what makes our marketing successful. From the research we gather, we’ll lay out your current market position. After all, effective marketing begins and ends with good data.