All good marketing starts with a plan. TMI specializes in building that plan by pinpointing exactly what kind of results you’re looking for, and implementing the best tactics to get the job done. But solid strategy requires more than just a one-and-done brainstorming session. With a flexible team ready to adapt at any given moment, we’ll check up on your marketing approach on a regular basis. Constant monitoring with your goals in mind allows our marketing masterminds to stop anything that’s not working and replace it with something that is. After all, only the best plans leave a healthy amount of space for trial and growth.

Media Planning / Buying

We at Tailored Marketing understand that media planning and buying is a unique process. Our team works with each client to create a media plan with full integration of both digital and traditional solutions. Identifying the best mix of channels, TMI specializes in delivering the right message to the right audience.

Marketing Plans

Our in-house strategists thrive under the pressure of creating a comprehensive marketing plan. With so many moving pieces involved in a holistic campaign, we understand the importance of a working spreadsheet that holds everyone accountable. We’re firm believers in the idea that organization is the key to your marketing success. With our plan in place, you’re sure to hit your KPIs at every step of the way.

Public Relations

Focus on positive public relations that’ll get your customers talking! Nothing speaks to your credibility like word-of-mouth advertising, and our team does what it takes to leave a lasting impression on consumers. Whether it’s a memorable event, community management, or press release, we have your company fully covered.


At the heart of any good marketing plan is the data to back it up. That’s why each one of our services starts with industry research. From groundbreaking insights to analytics of past campaigns, research is one of the founding factors that make our work successful. We’ll narrow down the facts and paint a landscape of your current market position. After all, effective marketing begins and ends with good data.