Invest in Your Website

“My company isn’t getting any new business from our website, so why should I update it?”

Bet you’ve said that to yourself more than once. And we get it – why put money into something you aren’t seeing a return on?

However, by not investing in your website, you’re missing out on opportunities you may not have realized existed. Read on to discover the reality of what your company is losing out on by not upgrading your website.

website central hub of information

A Central Hub of Info

A website is the depository for all things related to your business. It can be a place to keep your inventory catalog, to make event announcements, to show customers the best way to reach you, or all of the above. The internet changes daily, and websites can become out of date suddenly, with few warning signs. This can result in ineffective SEO tactics, inaccurate information, and slow loading times – all of which can discourage potential customers from contacting you for more information. These things can discourage potential customers from contacting you for more information. Keep your audience engaged with your company by refreshing your information and keeping you site up to speed.

website reflection of brand

True Brand Reflection

As we’ve mentioned, your website is all about you, so it should reflect the current look and feel of your company and overarching brand. Think back to the last time you updated your website, then think about how you have changed since then. Be it three years or ten, both people and companies are constantly evolving. Have you updated your processes? Maybe you’ve added more products to your catalog, or simply went through staffing switch-up. Keeping customers in the loop with the latest company news will make them more receptive to future business-related updates as well.

website page rank

An Impressive Page Rank

How many times have you wished for your company to come up as the first page on a Google search? There are many factors that can influence your search engine page rank. Believe it or not, an old website can affect your credibility – either positively or negatively. When search engines crawl your website, one feature they’re looking for is recently updated content. If search engine crawlers see that your website has been sitting idle for a long period of time without updates, your page rank will decrease. While this seems minor, it should always be a company’s goal to be on the first search page. Be present when potential customers come searching for your services.

It’s easy to forget about your own marketing, especially when you think you aren’t seeing any immediate benefit from it. But having an updated, responsive website will allow customers to find your business more easily. Thus allowing them to engage your services. In this case, an updated website directly relates to an increase in profits.

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