The New Customer Experience

The New Customer Experience

The average customer brand experience is generally very scattered. Across the industry, there’s an overall lack of holistic thinking. Between budget constraints, a shifting landscape, organizational issues and technical complexity, brands struggle to create a consistent, customized, and cross-channel customer experience. It’s up to marketers to re-think and re-create the delivery of messages.

We’re heading in a direction where the customer experience will really define a brand. As we recognize the need for a new piece of the puzzle, we have to consider the changing landscape. Consumers have never before had so many choices. They are bombarded. The basic foundation of building a new advertising strategy begins with relevance. We have to deliver the right message at the right time and take consumers on a meaningful journey. Reach and frequency can no longer stand alone. Brands have to become a holistic experience and create value beyond just the immediate features and benefits of the product or service.

As we re-imagine the planning process, the equation starts with the sum of place and timing. How do we recognize moments to deliver experiences? Where are consumers most receptive to these brand experiences? How do we develop these spaces? The concept of “micro-moments” becomes a key consideration as we work through these questions. Micro-moments are a game-changer. The mental model is wrapped around moments in time when consumers find themselves in I-want-to-know, I-want-to-go, I-want-to-do, and ideally I-want-to-buy instances. They are intent-driven and they provide a platform for brands to respond directly to consumer needs. In these moments, brands have the power to drive preference and buying decisions. It’s about deepening the simple interactions that consumers experience on a daily basis.

In a mobile world, we now have the ability to literally “be there” when a healthy male finishes his run, when a newly-engaged female begins planning her wedding, when a mom is getting her kids ready for their first day of school, when a small business-owner needs a solution. We’re working to put the person back into the equation.

The future customer journey starts with finding narrative in the chaos. Define your story, choreograph how that story fits into your customer’s journey, and continually look for opportunities to place your brand in spaces where consumers find value and relevance. Engage in the conversation and listen for answers. Make an investment in building an entire brand culture.