Blog Archive Year: 2022

Business Banter – Adam Golomb

In our latest episode of Business Banter, we speak with Adam Golomb! He is the president and chief marketing officer at Primanti Brothers and gives us some key insights into what it is like to work for such an iconic

Business Banter – Tricia Staible

On this episode of Business Banter, we speak with Tricia Staible! She is the president of Robinson Fans, a family-owned company from Pittsburgh, PA that specializes in the manufacturing of fans. Thank you so much for talking with us Tricia!

Business Banter – Scott Fox

We are excited to welcome Scott Fox on today’s episode of Business Banter! Scott gave us the inside scoop on how his business, The Orchards, went from his Grandfather housing some folks in need back in 1952 to the established

Business Banter – Rob Carskadden

On this episode of Business Banter, we spoke with Rob Carskadden! He is a partner at Three Rivers Capital, a local Pittsburgh company focused on financial consultancy with small, private companies. Thanks for joining us, Rob!

Business Banter – Chip Desmone

On this episode of Business Banter, we speak with Chip Desmone! He is the owner of Desmone Architects, a well-known architectural firm that has worked on many prominent buildings throughout Pittsburgh from the Andy Warhol Museum to the new Oakmont

Business Banter – Missy Powell

On this episode of Business Banter, we talk with Missy Powell, the Director of Marketing at MBM Contracting, Inc., a family-owned contracting business operating in the surrounding Pittsburgh area.

Business Banter – Steve Davis

Steve Davis is a real estate developer and entrepreneur. On this episode, we talk about his background and expertise, as well as his advice for other entrepreneurs!

Business Banter – Sam Liberto

We are grateful to have Sam Liberto on Business Banter this episode! Sam is the Director of Business Development at Wolf Consulting, a trusted computer networking and IT consulting firm for small and mid-size businesses across the Pittsburgh area.

Business Banter – David Billings

On this episode, we talk with David Billings! David is the owner of Corduroy Inn & Lodge, family-owned a ski resort and destination wedding venue in Snowshoe, West Virginia.

Business Banter – Kevin Trout

On this episode of Business Banter, we talk with Kevin Trout, a peer advisory board chair for Vistage Worldwide! We discuss topics concerning the current economy and what’s to come, along with key business insights and advice.