Lead Generation

Lead Generation can be the golden ticket for your company’s sales team. What’s the value in names on a list if they aren’t the right ones? We take a step-by-step approach to analyze and assess which marketing tactics will bring in your target demographic. From there, we’ll implement various marketing methods and track the progress to ensure you’re getting the result you want. Targeted marketing from us turns into more business for you.

Step 1: Marketing Tactics

We set up the best marketing practices for your brand to get the gears turning. Through social media, display ads, or event spending, pump up your marketing and give your brand some fuel to gain leads and grow your business.

Step 2: Data Assembly

Once in motion, your marketing will generate new leads. We manage and compile that data for you by assembling research based on the submissions coming in.

Step 3: Lead Reporting

We hand over the marketing data you need. See the leads your marketing dollars are bringing in and walk away with a list of new, qualified prospects for you and your sales team. Efficiency in reporting to you is key.

Step 4: Maintenance

Lead importation takes place. We import the same leads we hand off and begin the nurturing process. Nurturing leads with monthly emails or direct mail pieces to stay on top of their mind ties all of the moving parts of your marketing and slowly nudges leads down the sales funnel.

Step 5: New Customer!

Your marketing and our nurturing eventually converts the leads into buying customers!

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