In a digital world where things change instantly, staying on top of the latest trends, marketing tactics, and social media culture is a top priority. Through developing & maintaining a presence in relevant digital spaces for your company, you’ll create unforgettable impressions to your audience. Digital is here to stay; so invest in a strong online presence that goes beyond expectations.  

Website Design & Development

It’s time to build your online presence? Already have a website? Then it might be time for a redesign or some updates. No matter what you’re looking for, the TMI team takes care of your company and its mission when handling your website. We understand the importance of growing your business, so we make sure to do proper research on your company before anything else. Features like responsive design, content management, social integration, mutli-media support, and database integration will bring your customers back time and time again.

Social Media

Originally created as a way to connect with friends/loved ones and communicate, social media has now become an invaluable outlet for companies of all shapes and sizes. In order to remain competitive, companies now need to engage in two-way conversations with their consumers. TMI can help you identify which social media outlets are best for your company and its brand, as well as establish who your target audience is and the tactics to best reach them. By providing daily maintenance and customer service elements with high-quality and creative content, TMI’s social media can help your business thrive. Utilizing social media is one of the most effective ways to communicate with your demographic.

Search Optimization

TMI focuses on enhancing visibility in organic search results through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We work to generate traffic to your website by making your site search engine friendly through online content, keywords, and overall optimization. With tactics that utilize paid search platforms like Google AdWords, it compliments natural website traffic to give your site even more of a boost. There’s a multitude of techniques that can contribute to your company’s SEO rank, such as content updates, backlinking, keyword density, and more. When SEO is done right, your company will have a great return on investment with online marketing.

Google Ads

The word Google has become synonymous with the internet, and for many it is where the purchasing process begins. Therefore it is important that your company shows up when people are searching. 

Search Ads - Search Ads are a great way to capture someone who is actively in the searching process. When your audience types what they are looking for into that Google search bar it is important that you show up in that top spot. 

Display Ads - Display Ads are great for retargeting and also for reaching someone who is closer to the top of the marketing funnel. Display Ads are very visual and a great way to showcase products and services with more personality.