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Becoming a Thought Leader: Why It’s More Than Just Tweeting

We live in a digital age with constant updating of endless social media channels. Increasingly, companies find themselves under pressure to become thought leaders in order to stand out among the noise. Thought leaders are tweeting to help lead discussions,

5 Steps to Creating Content with Purpose

Content, content, content – digital marketers are buzzing about it and everyone (I mean everyone) is publishing it. Successful bloggers and vloggers are becoming near celebrities with an iPhone camera and a YouTube channel. Advocates, critics, brands of all scale,

Back to the Roots

With the ease and speed of digital communication, most would agree that handwritten notes have grown to feel more like a chore rather than an opportunity. However, even in a world dominated by electronic messages, an old-school handwritten note may

Busted: 6 Major Marketing Myths

As a full-service agency, we’ve heard it all. While we are here to listen and build solutions based on your specific needs, we’re also here to help guide you through the madness of today’s marketing landscape by relying on the

D.I.Y. Brand Audit

A brand exists in every single touch point of a business. From obvious characteristics like a logo to less definitive features like tone; everything that matters in a small way adds up to matter in a big way in the

Sales and Marketing: The Ultimate Duo

Sales and Marketing: The Ultimate Duo Unfortunately, there is and always has been a lot of tension between marketing and sales professionals as they compete to claim responsibility for revenue growth. In extreme circumstances, it’s similar to a corporate version

DIF: Dynamic, Innovative & Fun

DIF: Dynamic, Innovative & Fun In business, you often read a lot about “company culture” and the influence it has on employees and the organization as a whole. At TMI, we certainly agree with that, but we also take it

When Was The Last Time You Googled Your Business?

When Was The Last Time You Googled Your Business? Whether you’re a marketing executive, a business owner, or a manager, we all work day in and day out to build brand visibility and stay top of mind in consumer thought

A New Era: Email Marketing 2.0

A New Era: Email Marketing 2.0 The very basic, but daunting question that marketers are faced with every single day is: What do consumers want? We may never know the exact science, but the industry is getting warmer. Ironically, we’re

4 Reasons to Make Time for Digital Marketing

4 Reasons to Make Time for Digital Marketing As a business owner, I know the amount of energy it takes to run a successful company, and the busy schedule that comes with it. But, as a marketing professional, I know

KPIs: What, Why & How

KPIs: What, Why & How The Basics So, KPIs… what in the world are they? In the cluttered madness of digital marketing, Key Performance Indicators have become increasingly more important as we seek to answer the following question: Are our

The Best of the Bowl 2016

The Best of the Bowl 2016 “Commercials”, is a word feared by most Americans 364 days of the year. In the modern era, consumers go to great lengths to avoid this traditional form of advertising and it has become increasingly

4 Digital Marketing Tactics to Master in 2016

4 Digital Marketing Tactics to Master in 2016 You may be thinking, “Yeah, yeah. Social media, mobile, digital stuff – I do that already.” If so, that’s perfect. You’re on the right track. In all reality, chances are you’re still coming