Back to the Roots

With the ease and speed of digital communication, most would agree that handwritten notes have grown to feel more like a chore rather than an opportunity. However, even in a world dominated by electronic messages, an old-school handwritten note may still be the best way to truly stand out.  Notes and cards may not be as convenient or high tech as sending an email on your iPhone while walking down the street, but there’s a lot of evidence that shows they’re very effective and highly appreciated by individuals of any generation. In many instances, we need to get back to the roots of communication.

Handwritten anything simply sends the message that you care, that the recipient is worth the extra effort of neatly writing a message, finding a stamp, hunting down a mailing address,  and getting the letter to the mailbox. We email and text mindlessly day in and day out, but taking the time to mail a real tangible note reminds others that there’s an actual person behind the message.

From a marketing perspective, handwritten notes are harder to ignore because they’re not a common experience in our day-to-day lives. It’s a rare kind of novelty that has almost vanished from our modern culture.

Due to the fact that this type of communication has become so infrequent, it’s notable when you do receive a card, note, or letter. It’s not plausible to be able to send handwritten notes to each and every client or customer, but it’s a powerful tool that should be used to add value to vital business relationships.

Sometimes the best way to build relationships is to indicate investment in a raw, personal, traditional manner. Invest your time and effort into showing your colleagues, clients, or business partners that they’re worth an extra couple of minutes.  Sending a physical message is likely to build stronger relationships and engage people on a deeper level.  There’s an underlying sense of positive energy that comes from such a simple task. You’ll be shocked by how such a small gesture can make a huge impact.

The next time you consider sending an email or a text message to a professional contact, take a moment to think about the value you can add with a handwritten note.