4 Digital Marketing Tactics to Master in 2016

4 Digital Marketing Tactics to Master in 2016

You may be thinking, “Yeah, yeah. Social media, mobile, digital stuff – I do that already.” If so, that’s perfect. You’re on the right track. In all reality, chances are you’re still coming up short. The digital landscape is changing and growing so rapidly and it’s hard to get a grip. We get it. Whether you’ve got a baseline or you’re just beginning, 2016 is the year to not just practice, but master these four digital marketing trends.

1. Mobile Optimization  Mobile is the present and the future. In a world where people use their mobile devices for everything, especially surfing the web, it’s imperative that your business has a responsive website. Google now uses mobile-friendliness as ranking criteria for your website in search results, rewarding websites that are fully optimized for mobile platforms. Consumers will be accessing your website from their mobile devices more and more, so it is crucial to be prepared for such, or be punished by Google.

2. Marketing Automation – If marketing automation isn’t a key part of your business, you are leaving opportunities on the table. Imagine being able to see who opens your email, where they click on your website, and how extensively they interact with your brand. A system like this allows your marketing and sales teams to align, resulting in quality leads and an increase sales and productivity. Furthermore, all your marketing activities are tracked and their effectiveness is measured in real time. It’s the year to stop wasting time and money.

3. Exceptional Content – Whether you’re working with a small or large, old or new audience, you’ve got to keep them informed AND entertained. Creative design and valuable information paired with a content strategy will allow you do to so. The type of content you publish and the manner in which you do so plays a large role in how your brand is perceived. There’s a reason the phrase “Content is King” has been used to death…it’s true.

4. Strong Social Strategy – At this point, most brands have a social media presence, but many times that’s just not enough. Social media is stronger than ever and rapidly growing, so you must have a strategy in line to support this trend. Social media marketing is a highly effective method for generating leads, expanding reach, and increasing brand awareness and by now should be fully integrated into your business strategy.