DIF: Dynamic, Innovative & Fun

DIF: Dynamic, Innovative & Fun

In business, you often read a lot about “company culture” and the influence it has on employees and the organization as a whole. At TMI, we certainly agree with that, but we also take it one step further. We seek to uphold our philosophy not only for the sake of our company, but more importantly, yours. The TMI philosophy is rooted in three major concepts that help us provide solutions that clients can rely on and we can be proud of.

Over time, “DIF” has developed into our agency mantra. An acronym for dynamic, innovative, and fun, we feel DIF represents characteristics that are important to maintaining a creative environment. To do what we do, we need a workspace and a team structure that serves as an incubator of fresh ideas. In today’s world, one day in an advertising firm is never the same as the next.

While maybe a little odd, but intuitive, we pronounce it just as it sounds. “Hey guys, keep it DIF.” (Don’t mind the TMI slang, sometimes we talk in our own language. You’ll catch on.) So, here’s the breakdown. Let’s operate on the heart of TMI.

When we say dynamic, we mean forward-thinking. As a small, full-service agency, we have the benefit of being flexible. We can try new technology, stay ahead of trends, and always be in search of new ways to do things. With a small team that welcomes change, we’re anything but dull. We’re not the big guys, and we don’t try to be, but we do pride ourselves in our ability to serve almost any kind of client and find ways to tackle any kind of project.

Innovation is the heart of marketing and advertising. Being innovative in thought, processes, and implementation is how brands get noticed… and how we get paid. From the campaigns we create to the space we work in, innovation plays a major role in our success. While we do still practice some forms of traditional advertising, traditional isn’t a word we like to throw around. We like to dabble more so in areas that could be described as unique or out-of-the-box.

At TMI, we work hard and play hard. It may sound cliché, but in our line of work it’s the raw truth. Advertising can be quite a roller coaster some days. Happy hours are crucial for survival. (That’s what we tell ourselves.) To keep the creative juices flowing and connect as a team, we try to get out of the office occasionally to stretch our legs and rest our brains. Usually, the best creative ideas aren’t found staring at a screen. Big ideas come from a little inspiration or sometimes just a shower. (No joke.) Team outings give us the opportunity to put ourselves in consumer spaces, breathe some fresh air, and recharge our creative batteries, sometimes with the aid of actual “juice”.

Past DIF outings have included:

  • Pittsburgh Ducky Tour– Waddling around our favorite city on a giant bus/boat that looks like a duck… why would we not?
  • A Day at the Movies– It’s pretty entertaining when a man and 4 women have to agree on a movie.
  • The Andy Warhol Museum– Quirky is pretty much our middle name. Warhol didn’t disappoint in that category.
  • Bettis Grille– We’re a bunch of foodies. Food? – When and where? Plus, you know we support our black and gold.
  • Carnegie Science Center– Letting our inner geekiness run free

In addition to a little playtime, the community is also a major part of who we are at TMI. Every year we support a local charity by offering our services as pro bono work. Last year we teamed up with Girls Hope of Pittsburgh to offer free design and other marketing services. We are still on the lookout for our 2016 project, but we’re eager to give back in a way that supports charity and our industry. Have an idea in mind? Let’s hear it!

An intriguing culture is one way in which an agency can thrive. It’s a point of differentiation that clients and prospects often take notice of, but it’s also a way in which the team thrives. Work will always be work, but when you can appreciate the people you work with, the space you work in, and the clients you work for, work becomes much easier.