The Best of the Bowl 2016

The Best of the Bowl 2016

“Commercials”, is a word feared by most Americans 364 days of the year. In the modern era, consumers go to great lengths to avoid this traditional form of advertising and it has become increasingly easier with the help of technology. Although it makes our hearts heavy, DVR, YouTube Red, Ad Blockers, and similar applications give consumers the option to fast forward past the branding, the funny taglines, the lifework of thousands of creative directors, and tragically millions of advertising dollars. Although this has been a great challenge to the industry, big brands get their time to shine on broadcast TV every Super Bowl Sunday.

For the past 50 years, the Super Bowl has represented one rare moment a year when commercials are not feared, they are anticipated, raved about, and appreciated. In addition to the game itself and the ever-popular half-time performance, commercial breaks for this event are an entertainment factor we all look forward to. They’re silly, dramatic, funny, heartfelt, and sometimes questionable, but in the end they serve their purpose. News outlets buzz about the good, the bad, and the ugly for weeks following the initial airing and many brands experience hikes in sales or at the least, long-term exposure. With a shiny price tag of around 5 million dollars for a 30 second spot, brands are spinning the wheel, taking the bet, and hoping the end benefits outweigh the hefty cost.

This year, Tailored Marketing ran a poll to determine our top picks for the most liked ads of Super Bowl 50. The votes are in… and Doritos takes the cake!

The Results

Taylor: Hyundai – “First Date”

Lauren: Bud Light – “The Bud Light Party”

Ali, Maggie, Heather: Doritos – “Ultrasound”

Christina: Heinz – “Weiner Stampede”

Chelsea: Audi – “The Commander”

This year Doritos is celebrating 10 years of fan-made ads. The initiative is known as “Crash the Super Bowl”. Thousands of videos have been submitted since its initial launch in 2006 and now in 2016, the contest has reached its end. For an entire decade Dorito’s creativity has come directly from its consumer base. Crowdsourcing ideas directly from the main source and livelihood of a brand may be pure genius for a consumer packaged goods company such as Doritos. Like many fans, TMI enjoys the gut-busting, quirky commercials that are truly memorable.

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