Then & Now

Then & Now

Tailored Marketing Inc. recently celebrated 15 successful years in the marketing and advertising industry. As 2015 winds down and we look back on the past 15 years of business, we reflect on the early days of the firm and how it has evolved from a team of 2 in Taylor’s personal condo to a team of 6 with a supporting staff of another 10, seated in downtown Pittsburgh. TMI has served nearly 100 clients to date and has grown to be an innovative, digitally savvy, and results-driven marketing firm.

TMI’s story began in early 2000. The big ideas all grew up in Pittsburgh’s backyard. Just down the Boulevard in an Oakland neighborhood, Taylor Abbett, President and Owner, launched TMI from his home office. Kerri Lozano, current Director of Design and Operations, later joined his team in 2001 as a part-time designer. In the very beginning, TMI was introduced to the market as a traditional boutique agency completing projects consisting of graphic design, billboards, packaging, radio, event planning, and collateral. Just two short years after TMI began; the agency fell into website design and began their transition into the digital realm.

As the internet took the world by storm, TMI has progressed into a full-service agency with a focus in digital services such as social media, strategic automated marketing programs, analytics and tracking, and web development. The agency doesn’t consider itself a digital trail-blazer, but stays up to date on trends and leading technologies. As the world of marketing becomes increasingly more reliant on technology, TMI strives to stay ahead of digital trends, but also maintain its creative edge.

The firm’s creative approaches have been the key factor to differentiating TMI in the Pittsburgh market. TMI values out-of-the-box thinking that will capture imaginations and provide a refreshing approach in a competitive industry. As a small agency, TMI has had the advantage of the ability to quickly and efficiently adapt to industry trends. Although TMI has welcomed many changes over the years, some aspects of the firm have remained intact. The agency still serves mostly small to mid-size, family-owned businesses. The team’s work strategy remains very cross-functional as our staff takes on creative and business-oriented roles. The team is currently the largest it has ever been in the past 15 years.

In the future, TMI hopes to grow, but remain small enough to stay swift, adaptable, and selective. Part of TMI’s success has been due to the high value we place on relationship-building. We aim to create symmetry with our clients. We strive to create long-term partnerships with a hands-on approach. We also hope to expand our portfolio to include 2-3 larger scale clients.

At TMI, we work hard, play hard, and create an environment where ideas come to life. In 2001, it wasn’t uncommon to see Kerri darting across the room dodging a nerf gun attack from Taylor. In 2015, it still isn’t uncommon to witness something whiz past your desk, spot the team on a Ducky Tour, or bump into a few familiar faces at Happy Hour. TMI is a firm comprised of passionate individuals with imagination, energy, and a love for life. With a group of creative, witty, and sharp minds, you’re guaranteed a couple laughs, quality advertising, a partnership, and maybe even make a few friends. Thank you to our past and current clients for 15 years of business. Here’s to 15 more!