2020 Marketing Trends for Your Business

It’s hard to believe we’re in the final month of the final year of the decade. Before we know it, 2020 will be here. With a new decade comes ideas we have not yet even imagined. The 2020 marketing trends for your business are sure to be full of innovation.

If you think back over the last 10 years of marketing, so much has changed. The rise of social media and other digital avenues has changed the way we think about marketing. It has come with both challenges and rewards, and an excitement for what the future may hold. 

As marketers everywhere gear up for the new year, let’s take a look at the future of marketing in 2020. 

Augmented/Virtual Reality

Social media companies are already going crazy over the possibilities with AR and VR. Through this technology, companies can promote, advertise, and showcase their products to consumers with creative and immersive experiences. It is believed that AR will surpass VR in 2020, despite VR’s initial popularity in recent years. Additionally, this technology puts convenience at the forefront for consumers. They have the ability to try out clothes they saw at the store, walking through a house or deciding on furniture layout, or visit an exotic destination – all without leaving your home. 

As companies can simulate real-life experiences for their consumers through this technology, more money will be invested. By 2022, the AR and VR market size is projected to be over 190 billion dollars. 

Influencer Marketing

Perhaps now more than ever, people want to know they can trust a brand. What better way than to hear reviews and feedback from another person, especially a person you trust? Social media influencers have risen in marketing relevance the past few years. 2020 may bring the rise of influencer groups, people closely connected to each other. Additionally, consumers want more transparency and authenticity, so creating influencer groups can help them trust brands more. 

The cost of influencer marketing will continue to rise in 2020. Brands don’t want consumers to associate influencers with co-branders. So companies will be challenged with navigating the relationship between their influencers, and how that influencer interacts with the product and their audience. 

Video Content

Our attention spans keep getting shorter. Brands are continuously finding new ways to grab – and keep – our attention to market their product. Video marketing has been a great way to do this, which is why it will remain important in 2020. Social media outlets have jumped on the opportunity to promote videos, through features like “live videos.” Additionally, often times these live videos hold the attention span longer than a pre-recorded video. Also, videos help construct a sense of authenticity and trust between the consumer and the brand.

The biggest challenge marketing videos will face is SEO competition. As more companies move to advertise with short videos, ensuring the right keywords are attached is crucial for strong ranking on video platforms. 


Traditional ways of advertising are becoming less relevant and effective. To combat this, companies are starting to personalize their marketing more. Surveys show more people are willing to interact with and respond to emails that they feel are personalized toward them. For example, email marketing is tried and true, but they can also be personalized for different groups. Furthermore, segmented email blasts with personalization outperform generic emails sent in a mass blast. 

Additionally, the more you personalize your marketing, the more you can find out about your consumers and their interests. With that information, you can alter your future marketing to make it impact to your audience. 

These are just some of the 2020 marketing trends for your business. As we know with marketing, what’s hot is always changing, with new ideas always around the corner. As 2019 comes to an end, marketers everywhere are planning for 2020 and the excitement that comes with it. If your business is ready for 2020, check out our website for all your marketing needs.