Social Media: How to Put More Thought Into Posting

Social media is no longer just an outlet to show off a new outfit, what you ate for lunch, cat memes or baby pictures. Today, many companies use it as a source to sell products and advertise their brand. This can be tough to do in an authentic way that your customers will appreciate. For the most success, you need to have a strategy for what to post, as well as when to post it.

social media posting

What to Post

Creating interesting content is the key to catching your audience’s attention. Answer the questions that they didn’t know they wanted to ask. For a better understanding of what your customers need, listen to what they are saying! Social media can be a great research tool. Follow your competitors, read comments, respond to messages, follow relevant hashtags. Companies spend lots of money on surveys and focus groups but often forget that their customers are talking on social media and you can get feedback for free. Once you find the right topics, mix them into entertaining or informative stories to capture your audience. Creating content that is valuable for your customers will drive engagement.


When to Post

The timing of your post is key to ensure that it attracts the most attention and is seen by your target market. The proper timing can ensure that customers see your post faster which leads to better engagement. Many sites will tell you the most common time to post throughout the day. You should only use that as a benchmark but not as your final post time decision. Post when it is right for your platform. You can find out what time works best by checking the analytics of your social platforms. The analytics show what day of the week most of your customers are online and what times are the most popular on those days. More important then when you post is the frequency that you post. Most platforms have best practices for how often you need to post to be affective but not spamy. Consistency is important and you should stick to a schedule that is reasonable for you to maintain.

Keep Track of Your Posts

Thinking of something to post every day can make someone go crazy! However, if you miss an important day to post you may be missing out on an opportunity to engage with a customer. Plan out your posts for the month before it even starts! That way you will never have a huge gap of time between posts. Programs, such as Tweetdeck, allow you to schedule your tweets in advance. Facebook allows you to schedule your posts in advance directly on the platform. There are many other tools such as Hootsuite and Sprout Social that help keep all social posts organized on a singular platform!

These tricks can get more traffic, more engagement, and more followers in a more timely and organized fashion. Need more assistance, leave it to the experts. Send us a message at to learn how we could help.