Back to School Marketing

Digital back to school marketing

For millions around the country, August marks the end of summer and beginning of the back to school grind. And for hundreds of companies, the BTS rush means a sizable profit rush. In fact, it’s forecasted that back to school and college spending will reach $80.70 billion this year. So what goes into a successful back to school marketing campaign for retailers?


Marketing Trends and Ideas


There are a number of tips and trends to consider when executing your BTS marketing campaign. The first thing to figure out is who you want as your target audience. If you’re targeting kids, social media is the place to be. Whether they’re teenagers with their own money to spend, or convincing their parents to get them the latest book bag, social media platforms offer a great outlet for reaching that audience. Instagram contests with pictures of a child posing with or wearing your product are an awe

some way to engage with your audience, and increase brand awareness. You can also build a Pinterest board centered on back to school ideas. Post that board to Facebook and Twitter with links to your products.

Another tactic when it comes to back to school marketing is to include all possible demographics, even college kids. Back to College (BTC) consumers are a sizable group of people, many times preparing to leave home, live in a dorm, and start a new chapter. Of the 77 million students, 19.1 are going to college or graduate school, making the college demographic a great opportunity for companies. The demographic of college students themselves is changing too. More people with families or of non-traditional college age is attending a university.

Whether your company is targeting elementary, high school, or college back to school shoppers, make your marketing relevant to popular trends for your targeted demographic. You can even reach out and relate to the parents’ concerns or emotions. If a product resonates with the consumer, chances are, they’ll be much more likely to purchase it from your company versus your competitor.


Importance of Digital Marketing


Digital marketing is so popular, and one of the top ways to reach consumers. Companies may also want to consider teaming up with mom bloggers or other influencers to promote their product. In our last blog, we talked about the rise of social media influencers in marketing. Depending on your product and its target audience, utilizing a mom blog or other influencer could be the right move for you. If you trust a fellow mom’s suggestions for her kids, chances are you’ll feel confident in that same product for your own.

Similarly, other influencers personally using and promoting specific products could potentially be a great opportunity for a company. They can get increased exposure to their target audience. Many high school and college aged students follow various social media bloggers and YouTubers. These students often trust their advice on different products. Influencers do back to school ads for companies now, so the opportunity for companies to take advantage is already there.

With the trends always seeming to change, it can be hard as a company to keep up. That is why so many companies work with marketing agencies. They stay up to date on current trends and engaging strategies.

The end of summer and back to school shopping rush is a huge season for companies selling products all across the spectrum. But unless they’re able to successfully capitalize on the market and reach their target demographic, BTS season can be a bust. Luckily, there are a variety of options to consider, and ultimately capitalize on, to get the most bang for your company’s buck on marketing.