Social Media

Social media has become a valuable outlet for companies of all sizes.  It's more important than ever for companies to engage with their customers and social media makes that possible. TMI can help you identify which social media outlets are best for your company and its brand.  We can also establish who your target audience is and the tactics to best reach them.  In addition, we will maintain your pages with high-quality and creative content.
Social Media Services:

Planning and Set-Up - Sometimes the hardest part is getting started. At Tailored Marketing, we can properly set up all of your social media profiles for you. Then we can work together to make a plan for how to best utilize the platforms to interact with your customers.

Social Media Management - A common challenge for companies is having the time to manage all their social media sites.  TMI will give the attention needed for all platforms to get the best results for your company.

Social Media Advertising - Ad buying on social media can be complicated.  Our team is experienced in knowing what platforms to use and how to set up targeting.  We can also track your results to know where we are doing well and where we can adjust for better results.