Originally created as a way to connect with friends/loved ones and communicate, social media has now become an invaluable outlet for companies of all shapes and sizes. In order to remain competitive, companies now need to engage in two-way conversations with their consumers. TMI can help you identify which social media outlets are best for your company and its brand, as well as establish who your target audience is and the tactics to best reach them. By providing daily maintenance and customer service elements with high-quality and creative content, TMI’s social media can help your business thrive. Utilizing social media is one of the most effective ways to communicate with your demographic.

Social Media Services:

Planning and Set-Up – Sometimes the hardest part is getting started. At Tailored Marketing, we can set up all of your social media profiles for you and make sure they are set up properly. Then we can work together to make a plan for how to best utilize the platforms to interact with your customers.  

Social Media Management – A common problem we see is companies want to have a presence on social media but they do not have enough time to devote to managing them. 

Social Media Advertising – Ad buying on social media can be complicated. Knowing the best platform to use, how to set up targeting, how to track the results, and what to include in your ad can be difficult.