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Tailored Marketing Inc. – The true craftsmanship your brand deserves. We forge ideas that elevate brands above the cluttered marketplace. We do this with outstanding creative strategies that get noticed, build business, and drive sales. Like any well crafted piece, it takes inspiration and dedication to build branding foundations that stand the test of time. When it comes down to it, we want to create something that makes you proud to have your name on it. So let's get you measured up.

What's New

  • Kennywood Group Sales SAM System

    Use SAM to create giveaways and promotions to funnel potential group sales customers into SAM System. 

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  • Whiskey Rebellion Festival

    It was the most successful year yet! It was a fun weekend filled with Whiskey Rebellion re-enactments, live music, fireworks, art and crafts, and a lot of food and drink. 

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  • Reserved Parking at Pittsburgh International

    Travelling is simplified at Pittsburgh International Airport – Grant Oliver Introduces Online Parking Reservations with a savings of up to 37% 

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