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Founded in 2000, Tailored Marketing, Inc. is a different kind of agency built on the idea that every client deserves marketing solutions tailored to their specific marketing needs. We want to not only achieve your marketing goals, but exceed them by digging out the compelling truths that make your brand shine. With an outstanding team of creative individuals, we forge ideas that elevate brands above the cluttered marketplace.

What is D.I.F.?


When we say dynamic, we mean forward-thinking. As a small, full-service agency, we have the benefit of being flexible. We can try new technology, stay ahead of trends, and always be in search of new ways to do things. With a team that welcomes change, we’re anything but dull. We’re not the big guys, and we don’t try to be, but we do pride ourselves in our ability to serve almost any kind of client and find ways to tackle any kind of project.


Innovation is the heart of marketing and advertising. Being innovative in thought, processes, and implementation is how brands get noticed. From the campaigns we create to the space we work in, innovation plays a major role in our success. While we do still practice forms of traditional advertising, traditional isn’t a word we like to throw around. We like to dabble more so in areas that could be described as unique or out-of-the-box.


At TMI, we work hard and play hard. It may sound cliché, but in our line of work it’s the raw truth. Advertising can be quite a roller coaster some days. To keep the creative juices flowing and connect as a team, we try to get out of the office occasionally to stretch our legs and rest our brains. Usually, the best creative ideas aren’t found staring at a screen. Big ideas come from a little inspiration. Team outings give us the opportunity to put ourselves in consumer spaces, breathe some fresh air, and recharge our creative batteries.

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Top 5 marketing challenges of family owned businesses

  Not having a clear marketing plan
  Measurable objectives & metrics
  Digital marketing
  Need to continually innovate
  Adapting new technologies

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Our Favorite Facebook Marketing Features of 2017

Overall, 2017 has been a big year for the King of Silicon Valley – and yes, we’re talking about Facebook.  They’ve made major moves offline like building their own village for employees and creating Facebook Community Boost, a program to help small business owners grow their skills to and compete in the new digital economy. But as usual, Facebook has kept themselves even busier online. The conglomerate introduced new features to make their network a one-stop shop for all social, shopping, and data collecting needs.  To keep the updates straight, we’ve tracked Facebook’s new marketing ventures to compile our favorite features from 2017! 

  1. Message Objectives to Generate Leads  
Facebook's messenger ads are placed directly in your instant messenger (photo credit: NDTV Gadgets)

Facebook’s messenger ads are placed directly in your instant messenger (photo credit: NDTV Gadgets)

Facebook’s growing ability to create ads with ROI has positioned the website as more than just a social media platform.  Marketers now have the option to land their ads directly into Messenger, Facebook’s instant message system.  Here, open conversations can lead to sales, positive word-of-mouth, and new brand-to-customer relationships.  Marketers can also optimize ads for replies, which means Facebook delivers your message to users who are more likely to start a conversation with your brand.  Generating leads through discussion and awareness is a top selling point for many companies today. The results from conversations can lead to valuable personal insight and referrals, leveraging business success.  

  1. Live API  
Facebook live api

Facebook adds Live API to it’s platform, increasing viewership (photo credit: Adweek)

Live video is a new way for consumers to immerse themselves into a brand. In 2016, users watched more than 100 million hours of video per day on Facebook alone. This number will continue to grow as more companies integrate video into their marketing strategy.  Facebook Live API allows users to create live content from a variety of sources and devices.  Marketers can stream from their smart phones, professional cameras, or programmatic sources like video games to connect with their audiences. The more consumers learn about the inner workings of your brand, the stronger connection they’ll form with your company.   

  1. Improved Canvas Templates  
target-canvas-ad facebook

New Canvas ads allow customers to go to products to increase conversions (photo credit: Unbounce)

Facebook expanded their canvas templates to create a new lifestyle option. The new unit is aimed at driving retail sales by allowing ads to include one video along with a series of product photos.  Marketers can use this template to design creative that drives curiosity and interest in their services.  Consumers are now able to experience a product or promotion through a dynamic series of videos, photos, and links rather than a static post.   

  1. Custom Audiences Through Event Remarketing 
Facebook now tracks and can remarket events to people who have interacted positively in the past (phtoo credit: Elie Chahine)

Facebook can now remarket events to increase engagement

Don’t waste time targeting consumers who have no interest in your upcoming event. Facebook now tracks invitation responses and relays that information to the hosts for better insight.  With this feature, hosts have the opportunity to retarget consumers who responded positively to previous events.  Enable the function by using the engagement feature to select an audience based on past user actions.  This allows marketers to create a deeper bond with customers by sending relevant and interesting event opportunities.  

Facebook has become more than just a platform for high school friends to re-connect.  It empowers marketers to create digital campaigns and prompts consumers to share or respond to the advertisement.  Marketers can continue to create effective campaigns by keeping up to date with Facebook’s new features and tracking the progress of their advertisements.

Interested in creating a new social media strategy for the New Year?  Email us at info@tailoredmarketing.com for a strategy tailored to your goals!  

Mythbusters: Misconceptions of Marketing Revealed

For many companies, marketing may seem intimidating at first. Don’t let yourself get scared off too easily! Do some research by learning which mistakes to avoid before getting started. Marketing myths can often hold businesses back – that’s why we’ve debunked some common misconceptions to help you jump start your marking plan.

Myth: We’re too small for marketing

small agency marketing myth

Many people believe that small businesses don’t need a marketing strategy. This is a huge misconception. Having a plan in place will allow you to focus on your key customers, and keep them coming back while growing your clientele. Create a clear-cut plan to get the best return on your marketing. And remember, no business is too small to promote itself. 

Myth: Businesses should only market to new customers

Marketing Misconceptions to new clients

While you do need to market to new customers, you don’t want to forget about your current, loyal ones. Customers who buy from you do so for a reason. Don’t take away the creative, contest, or coupons that keep the coming back! Instead, think of which tactics excite your loyal customers. Use those insights to offer a promotion sure to hook both new and repeat buyers. 

Myth: Marketing is too expensive

Marketing Misconceptions to new customers

With the rise of digital advertising, anyone can create a marketing plan within budget. In fact, something as simple as increasing your web or social media presence can be an effective and low-cost way to raise brand awareness. Word of mouth is also a great, free approach for getting your company’s name out there. Keep the public talking by providing noteworthy customer experiences! Before creating a budget, explore each option to find the most cost effective tactics for you!  

Myth: Social media is not important to our company

social media

This marketing misconception may be the most common of all. Trust us – regardless of whether you’re B2B or B2C, all of your competitors are on social media.  Many customers live online, so use these spaces to talk the them about your product and services. Don’t risk letting the competition take hold of your audience – stake your claim on social media! 

Myth: Invest in marketing when the company is doing well  

invest in business marketing misconception

You should always put money into marketing. In fact, invest the most when your company is experiencing a downturn. Brand awareness can help your business out of a slump by growing its clientele and expanding to a larger audience. Think twice before slashing your marketing budget! 

Myth: I’ll invest more when I see results.  

Marketing is like going to the gym – if you’d like to see results, consistency is key. It’s imperative to have patience as your campaign gets up and running. Pausing marketing efforts because you expected faster results will only hurt your company’s outcome, and therefore ROI.  Agencies want to help enhance the unique features of your business, and pride themselves on being able to drive traffic and sales.  So don’t give up too quickly! Commit to a long-term investment in yourself.   

Becoming familiar with these misconceptions will help you feel more comfortable when navigating the marketing world. Take what you’ve learned and put it to good use! Start building a marketing strategy that’ll have your competitors shaking in their boots.

For more information on Marketing strategies, contact us at info@tailoredmarketing.com.

Pumpkin Spice Lattes And The Marketing Of Limited Time Offers

For decades, we’ve watched companies capitalize on the phrase, “Limited Time Offer.”  McDonald’s McRib sandwich, fall scented candles, and the Mad Mex “Gobblerito” draw hoards of people waiting to indulge in their favorite limited time treat. Love or hate these deals, most companies have their own bandwagon product that loyal customers wait all year to splurge on during one short time period.

Starbucks has been crowned the king of limited time offers thanks to their Pumpkin Spice Latte (PSL) and other flavored products.  More than 200 million PSL’s have been sold since 2013, and Forbes estimated that Starbucks made $100 million from the drink last fall alone.

Like most marketers, we’ve been asking ourselves: what special quality did this drink have to spark a national phenomenon?  To find out, we examined the science behind the term “limited time offer,” and the genius effect this sales technique has on consumers.  

Get Them While You Can

limited time offer during black friday

The heart wants what it can’t have, and limited time offers are the perfect driver for that need.  In the age of overnight shipping, automatic streaming, and food delivery on demand, we’ve become a culture of consumers driven by instant gratification.  When our favorite LTO’s hit the shelves, we’re incentivized to buy as much as we can, as quickly as possible.  Consumers find the product more appealing because they know they will not be able to take advantage of the promotion in three months time.  

Re-Experience a Time or Place

limited time offer remember experiences

Offers that are promoted during the same time of the year, each year, prompt consumers to associate the product with a positive experience.  While summer scents like Beach Waves and Island Dream associate their scent with a place, fall scents usually invoke an experience.  Sweater Weather, Harvest Gathering, and Fireside scented candles can have a sentimental meaning to any fall lover.   

Sharing Moments

taking a photo of leaves

In an age dominated by social media, most consumers are looking for ways to get one more like or retweet from their followers.  Companies have capitalized on treats and colors associated with fall events by offering them in their stores and online. This allows a consumer to indulge in signature fall flavors with friends via social media. Pumpkin Spice Latte lovers can even interact with their favorite drink on Twitter by becoming one of PSL’s 115K followers.  

If your company is hoping to boost its sales before the holiday season begins, it may be time to look at what you can can do with limited time offers. These can be as simple as a discount, company swag, or VIP access to company-sponsored events.  It’s most important to remember that  your customers care about how brands make them feel, and most of all, what’s in it for them.  

For more information on Limited Time Offer marketing plans, email us at info@tailoredmarketing.com.

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